Welcome to BMSMA Seller Centre!

We Pride ourself as the most seller friendly platform in Africa, Becoming a Seller with us at Big Mama Sweet Mama Africa is the Most easiest Process Online!

What are the advantages of becoming an online seller with BMSMA & Start Making More Profits?

  1. Bring your business online and watch it grow.
    Get your store on BMSMA today and start making extra money in whatever country you’re in, as well as around the world in general!
  2. You are in command.
    On your seller portal, you set the price for your listed product, the category of products, the return policy, the delivery method for paid orders, and other important options.
  3. Access to a large market
    You will have more access to the African market, with no geographical restrictions. BMSMA focuses on the enormous African market, allowing you to reach out to over 1.3 billion potential customers. Any customer can find your store and products whenever and wherever there is an internet connection.
  4. Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days
    Once your online store is up and running, customers can browse it at any time and place orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  5. Increase your sales.
    We’ll assist you in describing, photographing, pricing, and posting your item as you list it. Because your products are visible to all potential buyers online, listings can sell quickly.
  6. Cost reduction.
    The setting and operating costs of an online store are much lower because there is no physical shop location and can always be operated from any place. Furthermore, other costs such as marketing and other fixed costs are nearly nil compared to actual physical stores.
  7. Product management made simple
    Customers can use the internet to obtain information about your items and to place orders. Stores will be able to use the internet to manage products, track orders, and keep track of sales.
  8. Marketing and data analysis.
    BMSMA collects data from its customers, which is then analyzed to gain a better understanding of consumer purchasing preferences and demand.
  9. Communication is simple.
    As a Seller on our Marketplace, we make it simple to communicate with buyers who may have questions about your listings.
  10. Guarantee Security
    BMSMA is the most trustworthy online buying and selling platform. We’ve created a shop where both buyers and sellers value safety and security. Based on this, marketing activities will be carried out in order to improve the order transaction rate.

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