How we are keeping you safe when shopping in the BMSMA online shop!

We hold the principles of trust and safety dear because they are at the heart of all successful relationships and transactions. Our Money Back Guarantee was created to give people the confidence to shop on our online marketplace with confidence.

Algorithms that ensure the safety of all buyers

To ensure your payment methods are secure, BMSMA has developed and continuously updates proprietary software algorithms that monitor data for patterns and quickly detect potential risks or violations.

A program to protect the interests of our buyers

BMSMA's Buyer Protection Guarantee of 100 percent is one of the strongest in e-commerce. As long as you've paid in advance for an eligible item, you're covered 100 percent — swiftly and conveniently.

Your shopping experience on BMSMA can be improved by following these simple steps:

Filtering Search Results Can Help You Find Your Favorite Items Faster

BMSMA has created and is constantly updating proprietary software algorithms to automatically monitor data for patterns and detect potential risks and violations.

Before you buy, look over the product details.

Detail inspection can help you avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure that an item meets your requirements.

Before you pay, double-check the items in your order.

Take a moment to double-check that your order contains the items and quantities you want before selecting a payment method.

Before you pay, double-check your phone number and delivery address.

Check your contact information before selecting a payment method to ensure that you can be contacted about your delivery.

Please rate and review your order once it has been delivered.

By rating and reviewing your transaction after it has been delivered, you can help other buyers stay safe and help us serve you better.

What should I do if something is wrong with my order that I just received? What can I anticipate?

If something is wrong with your order, please contact us at or call +447940807056 and provide details. Various solutions can be found depending on the specific issue. However, in all cases, we will provide assistance and will make every effort to provide a resolution as soon as possible.